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The Sabretooth Carbide Saw Chain

Sabretooth Carbide Chain Sabretooth Carbide Rescue Saw Chain

The Sabretooth Carbide Chain Video

Sabretooth Carbide Chain Info Flyer for the Sabertooth Carbide Chain from Carbide Chain of America. Download - Flyer about the Sabretooth Carbide Saw Chain from Carbide Chain of America.
This document is a PDF flyer about the Sabretooth Carbide Saw Chain from Carbide Chain of America.

Outcuts and outperforms other chains at cutting standard building materials and standard roof ventilation exercises.

  • Unique Features of the Sabretooth Chain

  • Tipped Out Dual Raker
    • Our front raker is angled outward to provide added protection for the edge of the.
    • The leading raker aids in reducing kickback.
    • How is this better?
      • With other dual raker systems the front rakers are static and do not move to allow debris to be removed from the teeth automatically.  With our system, the leading raker moves with the chassis independently of the tooth. As it goes around the nose/sprocket, this innovation allows the leading raker to help remove debris from the gullet for a cleaner, smoother cut and less debris buildup.
      • By having an open side to the tooth also aids in removing debris from the cutting area.
  • Unique Features of Carbide Chain of America Chains

  • Harder Carbide Read More
    • We use a specially blended carbide, rated well above 500,000 PSI of transverse rupture strength, that's almost 12 times harder than most of the competition.
    • The carbide is our special blended titanium carbonitride, nickel, chrome, and cobalt matrix tungsten carbide.
    • How is this better?
      • Transverse rupture strength is the strength it takes in order to break the carbide apart with a straight pull.  Thus, with a higher transverse rupture strength it takes more strength to dull or break our carbide than others.
  • Finer Grained Carbide Read More
    • Our chain is made with a finer grain of carbide.
    • Our carbide is cast/molded rather than poured and cut to shape.
    • With the finer grain our chain is up to 800% more wear resistant than conventional carbide.
    • How is this better?
      • With a finer carbide our chains will keep an edge longer and be able to cut more effectively. As a chain dulls pieces of the teeth are chipped off or rolled giving you a dulled tooth. With a finer carbide it takes much more to roll or dull the edge because the carbide is made of a lot smaller particles than standard carbide. These have less binder material and more carbide.  This design also allows us to have more surface area to weld the carbide to the tooth.
  • Orbicular Carbide Shape Read More
    • Due to the orbicular shape of our carbide any impact sustained by the carbide is better dispersed to more of the chassis.
    • How is this better?
      • With standard square carbide the impact is driven directly to the opposite corner where the tooth may be driven loose.
  • Chip Resistant Design Read More
    • The carbide has special angles cast that help in resisting chips and helps to keep the tooth from snagging a nail
    • How is this better?
      • With other designs there is no way for the tooth to miss a nail or other debris that may be floating around the cut site.
  • Higher Grade Silver SolderRead More
    • The higher the silver solder grade, the higher the temperature it can withstand.
    • We use a 1,800°F silver solder, industry standard has been 1,200°F silver solder.
    • How is this better?
      • This means our carbide teeth will stay attached and cutting long after other carbide teeth have fallen off, due to high temp.
  • Thicker and Longer Side Straps and Top Plates Read More
    • Due to the design of our carbide we are able to connect the carbide to the chain whithout grinding out a piece of the chain.
    • How is this better?
      • By not cutting the notch, we leave more chassis on the chain that helps obsorb the impact of the cut and keeps the teeth on the chain.

Carbide chain that cuts standard building materials and standard roof ventilation exercises.
More Information about the Sabretooth Carbide Chain

More Information about the Sabretooth and Cobra Carbide Chains

We will gladly send you a dvd displaying the cutting abilities of our chains.
More Information about the Sabretooth and Cobra Carbide Chains

Cobra Carbide Saw Chain

Carbide chain that cuts harder materials; roofing roofing/siding, multi-layered roofing, rollup doors, etc.
More Information about the Cobra Carbide Chain

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