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Carbide Chain of America Testimonials

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Testimonials of the cutting abilities of the Carbide Chain of America chains.

We tried to destroy it

This is the greatest chain I have ever seen. We compared it to all of the competition in side by side tests and hands down the Sabre tooth and the Cobra out performed all others. We are just amazed at its performance and durability. We were trying to destroy the chain but could not. Unbelievable product. I want to buy stock in your company how do I go about it?

B. Williams, Chief
November 11, 2007

Outstanding Cutting Performance

I just wanted to let you know how well your sabretooth vent saw chain works. We responded to a mobile home fire and had to do extensive cutting on the roof. The first saw used had just a regular carbide chain on it and was too dull to use after less than forty feet of cutting. Our Unifire vent saw had just received a sabretooth chain the previous week and we learned first hand, the difference in vent saw chains. The sabretooth chain made over one hundred feet of cut through the same roofing material and is still going strong. Thanks to the sabretooth chain we were able to complete our operation with no down time to change chains. Thanks for a great product.

J. Whelan, Chief
May 17, 2007

Carbide chain that cuts standard building materials and standard roof ventilation exercises.
More Information about the Sabretooth Carbide Chain

More Information about the Sabretooth and Cobra Carbide Chains

We will gladly send you a dvd displaying the cutting abilities of our chains.
More Information about the Sabretooth and Cobra Carbide Chains

Cobra Carbide Saw Chain

Carbide chain that cuts harder materials; roofing roofing/siding, multi-layered roofing, rollup doors, etc.
More Information about the Cobra Carbide Chain

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